b.s.m.SmartSSHClientMedium(SmartClientStreamMedium) : class documentation

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A client medium using SSH.

It delegates IO to a SmartClientSocketMedium or SmartClientAlreadyConnectedSocketMedium (depending on platform).

Method __init__ Creates a client that will connect on the first use.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method disconnect See SmartClientMedium.disconnect().
Method _accept_bytes See SmartClientStreamMedium.accept_bytes.
Method _ensure_connection Connect this medium if not already connected.
Method _flush See SmartClientStreamMedium._flush().
Method _read_bytes See SmartClientStreamMedium.read_bytes.

Inherited from SmartClientStreamMedium:

Method accept_bytes Undocumented
Method __del__ The SmartClientStreamMedium knows how to close the stream when it is
Method get_request See SmartClientMedium.get_request().

Inherited from SmartClientMedium (via SmartClientStreamMedium):

Method protocol_version Find out if 'hello' smart request works.
Method should_probe Should RemoteBzrDirFormat.probe_transport send a smart request on
Method remote_path_from_transport Convert transport into a path suitable for using in a request.
Method _is_remote_before Is it possible the remote side supports RPCs for a given version?
Method _remember_remote_is_before Tell this medium that the remote side is older the given version.

Inherited from SmartMedium (via SmartClientStreamMedium, SmartClientMedium):

Method read_bytes Read some bytes from this medium.
Method _push_back Return unused bytes to the medium, because they belong to the next
Method _get_push_back_buffer Undocumented
Method _get_line Read bytes from this request's response until a newline byte.
Method _report_activity Notify that this medium has activity.
def __init__(self, base, ssh_params, vendor=None):
Creates a client that will connect on the first use.
Parametersssh_paramsA SSHParams instance.
vendorAn optional override for the ssh vendor to use. See bzrlib.transport.ssh for details on ssh vendors.
def __repr__(self):
def _accept_bytes(self, bytes):
See SmartClientStreamMedium.accept_bytes.
def disconnect(self):
See SmartClientMedium.disconnect().
def _ensure_connection(self):
Connect this medium if not already connected.
def _flush(self):
See SmartClientStreamMedium._flush().
def _read_bytes(self, count):
See SmartClientStreamMedium.read_bytes.
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