b.s.m.SmartClientStreamMediumRequest(SmartClientMediumRequest) : class documentation

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A SmartClientMediumRequest that works with an SmartClientStreamMedium.
Method __init__ Construct a SmartClientMediumRequest for the medium medium.
Method _accept_bytes See SmartClientMediumRequest._accept_bytes.
Method _finished_reading See SmartClientMediumRequest._finished_reading.
Method _finished_writing See SmartClientMediumRequest._finished_writing.

Inherited from SmartClientMediumRequest:

Method accept_bytes Accept bytes for inclusion in this request.
Method finished_reading Inform the request that all desired data has been read.
Method finished_writing Finish the writing phase of this request.
Method read_bytes Read bytes from this requests response.
Method read_line Undocumented
Method _read_bytes Helper for SmartClientMediumRequest.read_bytes.
Method _read_line Helper for SmartClientMediumRequest.read_line.
def __init__(self, medium):
Construct a SmartClientMediumRequest for the medium medium.
def _accept_bytes(self, bytes):
See SmartClientMediumRequest._accept_bytes.

This forwards to self._medium._accept_bytes because we are operating on the mediums stream.

def _finished_reading(self):
See SmartClientMediumRequest._finished_reading.

This clears the _current_request on self._medium to allow a new request to be created.

def _finished_writing(self):
See SmartClientMediumRequest._finished_writing.

This invokes self._medium._flush to ensure all bytes are transmitted.

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