b.s.b.SmartServerBranchSetTagsBytes(SmartServerLockedBranchRequest) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Constructor.
Method do_with_locked_branch Call _set_tags_bytes for a branch.
Method do_body Called if the client sends a body with the request.
Method do_end Called when the end of the request has been received.

Inherited from SmartServerLockedBranchRequest:

Method do_with_branch Execute a request for a branch.

Inherited from SmartServerBranchRequest (via SmartServerLockedBranchRequest):

Method do Execute a request for a branch at path.

Inherited from SmartServerRequest (via SmartServerLockedBranchRequest, SmartServerBranchRequest):

Method execute Public entry point to execute this request.
Method do_chunk Called with each body chunk if the request has a streamed body.
Method setup_jail Undocumented
Method teardown_jail Undocumented
Method translate_client_path Translate a path received from a network client into a local
Method transport_from_client_path Get a backing transport corresponding to the location referred to by
Method _check_enabled Raises DisabledMethod if this method is disabled.
def __init__(self, backing_transport, root_client_path='/', jail_root=None):
Parametersbacking_transportthe base transport to be used when performing this request.
root_client_paththe client path that maps to the root of backing_transport. This is used to interpret relpaths received from the client. Clients will not be able to refer to paths above this root. If root_client_path is None, then no translation will be performed on client paths. Default is '/'.
jail_rootif specified, the root of the BzrDir.open jail to use instead of backing_transport.
def do_with_locked_branch(self, branch):
Call _set_tags_bytes for a branch.

New in 1.18.

def do_body(self, bytes):
Called if the client sends a body with the request.

The do() method is still called, and must have returned None.

Must return a SmartServerResponse.

def do_end(self):
Called when the end of the request has been received.
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