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Class RevisionInfo The results of applying a revision specification to a branch.
Class RevisionSpec A parsed revision specification.
Class RevisionSpec_dwim Provides a DWIMish revision specifier lookup.
Class RevisionSpec_revno Selects a revision using a number.
Class RevisionIDSpec Undocumented
Class RevisionSpec_revid Selects a revision using the revision id.
Class RevisionSpec_last Selects the nth revision from the end.
Class RevisionSpec_before Selects the parent of the revision specified.
Class RevisionSpec_tag Select a revision identified by tag name
Class RevisionSpec_date Selects a revision on the basis of a datestamp.
Class RevisionSpec_ancestor Selects a common ancestor with a second branch.
Class RevisionSpec_branch Selects the last revision of a specified branch.
Class RevisionSpec_submit Selects a common ancestor with a submit branch.
Class RevisionSpec_annotate Undocumented
Class RevisionSpec_mainline Undocumented
Class _RevListToTimestamps This takes a list of revisions, and allows you to bisect by date
Function _register_revspec Undocumented
def _register_revspec(revspec):
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