b.r.RevisionSpec_date(RevisionSpec) : class documentation

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Selects a revision on the basis of a datestamp.
Method _match_on Spec for date revisions:

Inherited from RevisionSpec:

Static Method from_string Parse a revision spec string into a RevisionSpec object.
Method __init__ Create a RevisionSpec referring to the Null revision.
Method in_history Undocumented
Method as_revision_id Return just the revision_id for this revisions spec.
Method as_tree Return the tree object for this revisions spec.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method needs_branch Whether this revision spec needs a branch.
Method get_branch When the revision specifier contains a branch location, return it.
Method _match_on_and_check Undocumented
Method _as_revision_id Implementation of as_revision_id()
Method _as_tree Implementation of as_tree().
def _match_on(self, branch, revs):
Spec for date revisions: date:value value can be 'yesterday', 'today', 'tomorrow' or a YYYY-MM-DD string. matches the first entry after a given date (either at midnight or at a specified time).
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