b.r.p.PackCommitBuilder(VersionedFileCommitBuilder) : class documentation

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Subclass of VersionedFileCommitBuilder to add texts with pack semantics.

Specifically this uses one knit object rather than one knit object per added text, reducing memory and object pressure.

Method __init__ Initiate a CommitBuilder.
Method _heads Calculate the graph heads for revision_ids in the graph of file_id.

Inherited from VersionedFileCommitBuilder:

Method will_record_deletes Tell the commit builder that deletes are being notified.
Method any_changes Return True if any entries were changed.
Method commit Make the actual commit.
Method abort Abort the commit that is being built.
Method revision_tree Return the tree that was just committed.
Method finish_inventory Tell the builder that the inventory is finished.
Method get_basis_delta Return the complete inventory delta versus the basis inventory.
Method record_delete Record that a delete occured against a basis tree.
Method record_entry_contents Record the content of ie from tree into the commit if needed.
Method record_iter_changes Record a new tree via iter_changes.
Method _ensure_fallback_inventories Ensure that appropriate inventories are available.
Method _check_root Helper for record_entry_contents.
Method _require_root_change Enforce an appropriate root object change.
Method _get_delta Get a delta against the basis inventory for ie.
Method _add_text_to_weave Undocumented

Inherited from CommitBuilder (via VersionedFileCommitBuilder):

Method _validate_unicode_text Verify things like commit messages don't have bogus characters.
Method _validate_revprops Undocumented
Method _gen_revision_id Return new revision-id.
Method _generate_revision_if_needed Create a revision id if None was supplied.
def __init__(self, repository, parents, config, timestamp=None, timezone=None, committer=None, revprops=None, revision_id=None, lossy=False):
Initiate a CommitBuilder.
ParametersrepositoryRepository to commit to.
parentsRevision ids of the parents of the new revision.
timestampOptional timestamp recorded for commit.
timezoneOptional timezone for timestamp.
committerOptional committer to set for commit.
revpropsOptional dictionary of revision properties.
revision_idOptional revision id.
lossyWhether to discard data that can not be natively represented, when pushing to a foreign VCS
def _heads(self, file_id, revision_ids):
Calculate the graph heads for revision_ids in the graph of file_id.

This can use either a per-file graph or a global revision graph as we have an identity relationship between the two graphs.

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