b.r.pack_repo : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.repofmt

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Class PackCommitBuilder Subclass of VersionedFileCommitBuilder to add texts with pack semantics.
Class PackRootCommitBuilder A subclass of RootCommitBuilder to add texts with pack semantics.
Class Pack An in memory proxy for a pack and its indices.
Class ExistingPack An in memory proxy for an existing .pack and its disk indices.
Class ResumedPack No class docstring; 2/5 methods documented
Class NewPack An in memory proxy for a pack which is being created.
Class AggregateIndex An aggregated index for the RepositoryPackCollection.
Class Packer Create a pack from packs.
Class RepositoryPackCollection Management of packs within a repository.
Class PackRepository Repository with knit objects stored inside pack containers.
Class RepositoryFormatPack Format logic for pack structured repositories.
Class RetryPackOperations Raised when we are packing and we find a missing file.
Class _DirectPackAccess Access to data in one or more packs with less translation.
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