b.p.w.repository : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.plugins.weave_fmt

Deprecated weave-based repository formats.

Weave based formats scaled linearly with history size and could not represent ghosts.

Class AllInOneRepository Legacy support - the repository behaviour for all-in-one branches.
Class WeaveMetaDirRepository A subclass of MetaDirRepository to set weave specific policy.
Class PreSplitOutRepositoryFormat Base class for the pre split out repository formats.
Class RepositoryFormat4 Bzr repository format 4.
Class RepositoryFormat5 Bzr control format 5.
Class RepositoryFormat6 Bzr control format 6.
Class RepositoryFormat7 Bzr repository 7.
Class TextVersionedFiles Just-a-bunch-of-files based VersionedFile stores.
Class RevisionTextStore Legacy thunk for format 4 repositories.
Class SignatureTextStore Legacy thunk for format 4-7 repositories.
Class InterWeaveRepo Optimised code paths between Weave based repositories.
Function get_extra_interrepo_test_combinations Undocumented
def get_extra_interrepo_test_combinations():
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