b.p.w.r.PreSplitOutRepositoryFormat(VersionedFileRepositoryFormat) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: bzrlib.plugins.weave_fmt.repository.RepositoryFormat4, bzrlib.plugins.weave_fmt.repository.RepositoryFormat5, bzrlib.plugins.weave_fmt.repository.RepositoryFormat6

Base class for the pre split out repository formats.
Method initialize Create a weave repository.
Method open See RepositoryFormat.open().
Method is_deprecated Is this format deprecated?

Inherited from RepositoryFormat (via VersionedFileRepositoryFormat):

Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method __ne__ Undocumented
Class Method find_format Return the format for the repository object in a_bzrdir.
Class Method register_format Undocumented
Class Method unregister_format Undocumented
Class Method get_default_format Return the current default format.
Method get_format_string Return the ASCII format string that identifies this format.
Method get_format_description Return the short description for this format.
Method is_supported Is this format supported?
Method network_name A simple byte string uniquely identifying this format for RPC calls.
Method check_conversion_target Undocumented
Method _run_post_repo_init_hooks Undocumented
def initialize(self, a_bzrdir, shared=False, _internal=False):
Create a weave repository.
def open(self, a_bzrdir, _found=False):
See RepositoryFormat.open().
def is_deprecated(self):
Is this format deprecated?

Deprecated formats may trigger a user-visible warning recommending the user to upgrade. They are still fully supported.

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