b.pack : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

Container format for Bazaar data.

"Containers" and "records" are described in doc/developers/container-format.txt.

Class ContainerSerialiser A helper class for serialising containers.
Class ContainerWriter A class for writing containers to a file.
Class ReadVFile Adapt a readv result iterator to a file like protocol.
Function make_readv_reader Create a ContainerReader that will read selected records only.
Class BaseReader No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class ContainerReader A class for reading Bazaar's container format.
Class BytesRecordReader No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Class ContainerPushParser A "push" parser for container format 1.
Function iter_records_from_file Undocumented
Function _check_name Do some basic checking of 'name'.
Function _check_name_encoding Check that 'name' is valid UTF-8.
def _check_name(name):
Do some basic checking of 'name'.

At the moment, this just checks that there are no whitespace characters in a name.

RaisesInvalidRecordErrorif name is not valid.
See Also_check_name_encoding
def _check_name_encoding(name):
Check that 'name' is valid UTF-8.

This is separate from _check_name because UTF-8 decoding is relatively expensive, and we usually want to avoid it.

RaisesInvalidRecordErrorif name is not valid UTF-8.
def make_readv_reader(transport, filename, requested_records):
Create a ContainerReader that will read selected records only.
ParameterstransportThe transport the pack file is located on.
filenameThe filename of the pack file.
requested_recordsThe record offset, length tuples as returned by add_bytes_record for the desired records.
def iter_records_from_file(source_file):
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