b.p.BytesRecordReader(BaseReader) : class documentation

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Method read Read this record.
Method validate Validate this record.
Method _content_reader Undocumented

Inherited from BaseReader:

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method reader_func Undocumented
Method _read_line Undocumented
def read(self):
Read this record.

You can either validate or read a record, you can't do both.

ReturnsA tuple of (names, callable). The callable can be called repeatedly to obtain the bytes for the record, with a max_length argument. If max_length is None, returns all the bytes. Because records can be arbitrarily large, using None is not recommended unless you have reason to believe the content will fit in memory.
def _content_reader(self, max_length):
def validate(self):
Validate this record.

You can either validate or read, you can't do both.

RaisesContainerErrorif this record is invalid.
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