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No module docstring
Function transform_tree Undocumented
Class MergeHooks Undocumented
Class AbstractPerFileMerger PerFileMerger objects are used by plugins extending merge for bzrlib.
Class PerFileMerger Merge individual files when self.file_matches returns True.
Class ConfigurableFileMerger Merge individual files when configured via a .conf file.
Class MergeHookParams Object holding parameters passed to merge_file_content hooks.
Class Merger No class docstring; 1/1 class methods, 5/25 methods, 2/2 static methods documented
Class Merge3Merger Three-way merger that uses the merge3 text merger
Class WeaveMerger Three-way tree merger, text weave merger.
Class LCAMerger Undocumented
Class Diff3Merger Three-way merger using external diff3 for text merging
Class PathNotInTree Undocumented
Class MergeIntoMerger Merger that understands other_tree will be merged into a subdir.
Class MergeIntoMergeType Merger that incorporates a tree (or part of a tree) into another.
Function merge_inner Primary interface for merging.
Function get_merge_type_registry Merge type registry is in bzrlib.option to avoid circular imports.
Class _InventoryNoneEntry This represents an inventory entry which isn't there.
Class _MergeTypeParameterizer Wrap a merge-type class to provide extra parameters.
Function _plan_annotate_merge Undocumented
Class _PlanMergeBase No class docstring; 5/7 methods, 1/1 static methods documented
Class _PlanMerge Plan an annotate merge using on-the-fly annotation
Class _PlanLCAMerge This merge algorithm differs from _PlanMerge in that:
def transform_tree(from_tree, to_tree, interesting_ids=None):
def merge_inner(this_branch, other_tree, base_tree, ignore_zero=False, backup_files=False, merge_type=Merge3Merger, interesting_ids=None, show_base=False, reprocess=False, other_rev_id=None, interesting_files=None, this_tree=None, pb=None, change_reporter=None):

Primary interface for merging.

Typical use is probably:

merge_inner(branch, branch.get_revision_tree(other_revision),
def get_merge_type_registry():
Merge type registry is in bzrlib.option to avoid circular imports.

This method provides a sanctioned way to retrieve it.

def _plan_annotate_merge(annotated_a, annotated_b, ancestors_a, ancestors_b):
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