b.b.s.v.BundleSerializerV09(BundleSerializerV08) : class documentation

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Serializer for bzr bundle format 0.9

This format supports rich root data, for the nested-trees work, but also supports repositories that don't have rich root data. It cannot be used to transfer from a knit2 repo into a knit1 repo, because that would be lossy.

Method check_compatible Undocumented
Method read Read the rest of the bundles from the supplied file.
Method _write_main_header Write the header for the changes
Method _testament_sha1 Undocumented

Inherited from BundleSerializerV08:

Method write Write the bundless to the supplied files.
Method write_bundle Write the bundle to the supplied file.
Method _write Write out meta information, with proper indenting, etc.
Method _write_revisions Write the information for all of the revisions.
Method _write_revision Write out the information for a revision.
Method _write_action Undocumented
Method _write_delta Write out the changes between the trees.

Inherited from BundleSerializer (via BundleSerializerV08):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method _write_bundle Helper function for translating write_bundle to write
def check_compatible(self):
def _write_main_header(self):
Write the header for the changes
def _testament_sha1(self, revision_id):
def read(self, f):
Read the rest of the bundles from the supplied file.
ParametersfThe file to read from
ReturnsA list of bundles
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