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Module apply_bundle This contains functionality for installing bundles into repositories
Module bundle_data Read in a bundle stream, and process it into a BundleReader object.
Module commands This is an attempt to take the internal delta object, and represent
Package serializer Serializer factory for reading and writing bundles.

From the __init__.py module:

Function read_mergeable_from_transport Undocumented
Function read_mergeable_from_url Read mergable object from a given URL.
def read_mergeable_from_url(url, _do_directive=True, possible_transports=None):
Read mergable object from a given URL.
ReturnsAn object supporting get_target_revision. Raises NotABundle if the target is not a mergeable type.
def read_mergeable_from_transport(transport, filename, _do_directive=True):
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