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BundleInfo that uses StrictTestament3

This means that the root data is included in the testament.

Method _testament_sha1_from_revision Undocumented
Method _testament_sha1 Undocumented

Inherited from BundleInfo:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method complete_info This makes sure that all information is properly
Method get_base Undocumented
Method get_revision Undocumented
Method get_revision_info Undocumented
Method revision_tree Undocumented
Method install_revisions Install revisions and return the target revision
Method get_merge_request Provide data for performing a merge
Method _get_target Return the target revision.
Method _validate_references_from_repository Now that we have a repository which should have some of the
Method _validate_inventory At this point we should have generated the BundleTree,
Method _validate_revision Make sure all revision entries match their checksum.
Method _update_tree This fills out a BundleTree based on the information
def _testament_sha1_from_revision(self, repository, revision_id):
def _testament_sha1(self, revision, tree):
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