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Class Branch Branch holding a history of revisions.
Class BranchFormat An encapsulation of the initialization and open routines for a format.
Class MetaDirBranchFormatFactory A factory for a BranchFormat object, permitting simple lazy registration.
Class BranchHooks A dictionary mapping hook name to a list of callables for branch hooks.
Class ChangeBranchTipParams Object holding parameters passed to *_change_branch_tip hooks.
Class BranchInitHookParams Object holding parameters passed to *_branch_init hooks.
Class SwitchHookParams Object holding parameters passed to *_switch hooks.
Class BranchFormatMetadir Common logic for meta-dir based branch formats.
Class BzrBranchFormat5 Bzr branch format 5.
Class BzrBranchFormat6 Branch format with last-revision and tags.
Class BzrBranchFormat8 Metadir format supporting storing locations of subtree branches.
Class BzrBranchFormat7 Branch format with last-revision, tags, and a stacked location pointer.
Class BranchReferenceFormat Bzr branch reference format.
Class BranchFormatRegistry Branch format registry.
Class BranchWriteLockResult The result of write locking a branch.
Class BzrBranch A branch stored in the actual filesystem.
Class FullHistoryBzrBranch Bzr branch which contains the full revision history.
Class BzrBranch5 A format 5 branch. This supports new features over plain branches.
Class BzrBranch8 A branch that stores tree-reference locations.
Class BzrBranch7 A branch with support for a fallback repository.
Class BzrBranch6 See BzrBranchFormat6 for the capabilities of this branch.
Class PullResult Result of a Branch.pull operation.
Class BranchPushResult Result of a Branch.push operation.
Class BranchCheckResult Results of checking branch consistency.
Class Converter5to6 Perform an in-place upgrade of format 5 to format 6
Class Converter6to7 Perform an in-place upgrade of format 6 to format 7
Class Converter7to8 Perform an in-place upgrade of format 7 to format 8
Class InterBranch This class represents operations taking place between two branches.
Class GenericInterBranch InterBranch implementation that uses public Branch functions.
Class _Result Undocumented
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