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Result of a Branch.pull operation.
Instance Variablesold_revnoRevision number before pull.
new_revnoRevision number after pull.
old_revidTip revision id before pull.
new_revidTip revision id after pull.
source_branchSource (local) branch object. (read locked)
master_branchMaster branch of the target, or the target if no Master
local_branchtarget branch if there is a Master, else None
target_branchTarget/destination branch object. (write locked)
tag_conflictsA list of tag conflicts, see BasicTags.merge_to
tag_updatesA dict with new tags, see BasicTags.merge_to
Method __int__ Return the relative change in revno.
Method report Undocumented

Inherited from _Result:

Method _show_tag_conficts Undocumented
@deprecated_method(deprecated_in((2, 3, 0)))
def __int__(self):
Return the relative change in revno.
Unknown Field: deprecatedUse new_revno and old_revno instead.
def report(self, to_file):
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