b.b.MetaDirBranchFormatFactory(registry._LazyObjectGetter) : class documentation

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A factory for a BranchFormat object, permitting simple lazy registration.

While none of the built in BranchFormats are lazy registered yet, bzrlib.tests.test_branch.TestMetaDirBranchFormatFactory demonstrates how to use it, and the bzr-loom plugin uses it as well (see bzrlib.plugins.loom.formats).

Method __init__ Create a MetaDirBranchFormatFactory.
Method get_format_string See BranchFormat.get_format_string.
Method __call__ Used for network_format_registry support.

Inherited from _LazyObjectGetter:

Method get_module Get the module the referenced object will be loaded from.
Method get_obj Get the referenced object.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, format_string, module_name, member_name):
Create a MetaDirBranchFormatFactory.
Parametersformat_stringThe format string the format has.
module_nameModule to load the format class from.
member_nameAttribute name within the module for the format class.
def get_format_string(self):
See BranchFormat.get_format_string.
def __call__(self):
Used for network_format_registry support.
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