l.x.faults : module documentation

Part of lp.xmlrpc

Launchpad XMLRPC faults.
Class NoSuchProduct There's no such product registered in Launchpad.
Class NoSuchPerson There's no Person with the specified email registered in Launchpad.
Class NoSuchBranch There's no Branch with the specified URL registered in Launchpad.
Class NoSuchBug There's no Bug with the specified id registered in Launchpad.
Class BranchAlreadyRegistered A branch with the same URL is already registered in Launchpad.
Class FileBugMissingProductOrDistribution No product or distribution specified when filing a bug.
Class FileBugGotProductAndDistro A distribution and product were specified when filing a bug.
Class NoSuchDistribution There's no such distribution registered in Launchpad.
Class NoSuchPackage There's no source or binary package with the name provided.
Class RequiredParameterMissing A required parameter was not provided.
Class BranchCreationForbidden The user was not permitted to create a branch.
Class InvalidBranchUrl The provided branch URL is not valid.
Class BranchUniqueNameConflict There is already a branch with this unique name.
Class NoSuchTeamMailingList There is no such team mailing list with the given name.
Class UnexpectedStatusReport A team mailing list received an unexpected status report.
Class BadStatus A bad status string was received.
Class NoLinkedBranch The object has no branch registered with it.
Class NoSuchProductSeries There is no such series on a particular project.
Class InvalidBranchIdentifier The branch identifier didn't begin with a tilde.
Class NoSuchPersonWithName There's no Person with the specified name registered in Launchpad.
Class BranchNameInUse There is already a branch with this name for this product.
Class CannotHaveLinkedBranch Raised when we get a linked branch for a thing that can't have any.
Class InvalidProductName Raised when we are passed an invalid name for a product.
Class NotInTeam Raised when a person needs to be a member of a team, but is not.
Class InvalidBranchName The branch name is not allowed by Launchpad.
Class NoBranchWithID There's no branch with the given ID.
Class NoUrlForBranch resolve_lp_path resolved to a remote branch with no URL.
Class PathTranslationError Raised when a virtual path cannot be translated to a real one.
Class GitRepositoryNotFound Raised when a Git repository path lookup fails.
Class InvalidPath Raised when translatePath is passed something that's not a path.
Class PermissionDenied Raised when a user is denied access to some resource.
Class NotFound Raised when a resource is not found.
Class InvalidBranchUniqueName Raised when a user tries to resolve a unique name that's incomplete.
Class NoSuchDistroSeries Raised when the user tries to get a distroseries that doesn't exist.
Class NoSuchSourcePackageName Raised when the user tries to get a sourcepackage that doesn't exist.
Class NoSuchCodeImportJob Raised by ICodeImportScheduler methods when a job is not found.
Class OopsOccurred An oops has occurred performing the requested operation.
Class InvalidSourcePackageName Undocumented
Class Unauthorized Permission was denied, but authorisation may help.
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