l.t.tests : package documentation

Part of lp.testing

Tests for the lp.testing module.
Module test_dbuser Test for dbuser helper.
Module test_doc Run the doctests and pagetests.
Module test_factory Tests for the Launchpad object factory.
Module test_fakemethod No module docstring; 2/3 classes documented
Module test_fixture Tests for lp.testing.fixture.
Module test_inlinetests Run the doc string tests.
Module test_karma Test the KarmaRecorder.
Module test_layers Tests for test layers.
Module test_layers_functional No module docstring; 5/20 classes documented
Module test_login Tests for the login helpers.
Module test_matchers No module docstring; 2/12 classes, 1/1 interfaces documented
Module test_pages Test that creating page test stories from files and directories work.
Module test_pgsql Undocumented
Module test_publication Tests for the helpers in lp.testing.publication.
Module test_sampledata Confirm nobody has broken sampledata.
Module test_standard_test_template XXX: Module docstring goes here.
Module test_standard_yuixhr_test_template {Describe your test suite here}.
Module test_systemdocs Tests for lp.testing.systemdocs module.
Module test_testcase Tests relating to the Launchpad TestCase classes here.
Module test_testing Tests for the testing module.
Module test_yuixhr Tests for the lp.testing.yuixhr.
Module test_yuixhr_fixture These are yui appserver fixtures for the yui appserver test code's tests.
Module test_yuixhr_fixture_facet Test the ability to specify a facet for the yuixhr tests.
Module test_zope_test_in_subprocess Test lp.testing.ZopeTestInSubProcess.
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