l.t.fixture : module documentation

Part of lp.testing

Launchpad test fixtures that have no better home.
Class PGNotReadyError Undocumented
Class PGBouncerFixture Inserts a controllable pgbouncer instance in front of PostgreSQL.
Class ZopeAdapterFixture A fixture to register and unregister an adapter.
Class ZopeEventHandlerFixture A fixture that provides and then unprovides a Zope event handler.
Class ZopeViewReplacementFixture A fixture that allows you to temporarily replace one view with another.
Class ZopeUtilityFixture A fixture that temporarily registers a different utility.
Class Urllib2Fixture Let tests use urllib to connect to an in-process Launchpad.
Class CaptureOops Capture OOPSes notified via zope event notification.
Class CaptureTimeline Record and return the timeline.
Class DemoMode Run with an is_demo configuration.
Class DisableTriggerFixture Let tests disable database triggers.
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