l.s.i.queue : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.interfaces

Queue interfaces.
Class QueueStateWriteProtectedError This exception prevent directly set operation in queue state.
Class QueueInconsistentStateError Queue state machine error.
Class QueueAdminUnauthorizedError User not permitted to perform a queue administration operation.
Class NonBuildableSourceUploadError Source upload will not result in any build record.
Class QueueSourceAcceptError It prevents a PackageUploadSource from being ACCEPTED.
Class QueueBuildAcceptError It prevents a PackageUploadBuild from being ACCEPTED.
Interface IPackageUploadQueue Used to establish permission to a group of package uploads.
Interface IPackageUploadBuild A Queue item's related builds.
Interface IPackageUploadSource A Queue item's related sourcepackagereleases.
Interface IPackageUploadCustom Stores anything else than source and binaries that needs publication.
Interface IPackageUploadSet Represents a set of IPackageUploads
Interface IHasQueueItems An Object that has queue items
Class CustomUploadError Base class for all errors associated with publishing custom uploads.
Interface ICustomUploadHandler A custom upload handler.
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