l.s.enums : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz

Enumerations used in the lp/soyuz modules.
Class ArchiveJobType Values that IArchiveJob.job_type can take.
Class ArchivePermissionType Archive Permission Type.
Class ArchivePurpose The purpose, or type, of an archive.
Class ArchiveStatus The status of an archive, e.g. active, disabled.
Class ArchiveSubscriberStatus The status of an ArchiveSubscriber.
Class BinaryPackageFileType Binary Package File Type
Class BinaryPackageFormat Binary Package Format
Class PackageCopyPolicy Package copying policy.
Class PackageCopyStatus Package copy status type.
Class PackageDiffStatus The status of a PackageDiff request.
Class PackagePublishingPriority Package Publishing Priority
Class PackagePublishingStatus Package Publishing Status
Class PackageUploadCustomFormat Custom formats valid for the upload queue
Class PackageUploadStatus Distro Release Queue Status
Class SourcePackageFormat Source package format
Class IndexCompressionType Index compression type
Class DistroArchSeriesFilterSense Undocumented
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