l.s.b.distroarchseries : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.browser

No module docstring
Class DistroArchSeriesNavigation Undocumented
Class DistroArchSeriesBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for DistroArchSeries.
Interface IDistroArchSeriesActionMenu Marker interface for the action menu.
Class DistroArchSeriesActionMenu Action menu for distro arch series.
Class DistroArchSeriesPackageSearchView Customised PackageSearchView for DistroArchSeries
Class DistroArchSeriesView Default DistroArchSeries view class.
Interface DistroArchSeriesAddSchema Undocumented
Class DistroArchSeriesAddView No class docstring; 4/4 methods documented
Class DistroArchSeriesAdminView View class for admin of DistroArchSeries.
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