l.s.t.test_snapbuildbehaviour : module documentation

Part of lp.snappy.tests

Test snap package build behaviour.
Class ProxyAuthAPITokensResource A test tokens resource for the proxy authentication API.
Class InProcessProxyAuthAPIFixture A fixture that pretends to be the proxy authentication API.
Class InProcessAuthServer Undocumented
Class InProcessAuthServerFixture A fixture that runs an in-process authserver.
Class FormatAsRfc3339TestCase Undocumented
Class TestSnapBuildBehaviourBase No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestSnapBuildBehaviour Undocumented
Class TestAsyncSnapBuildBehaviour Undocumented
Class MakeSnapBuildMixin Provide the common makeBuild method returning a queued build.
Class TestGetUploadMethodsForSnapBuild IPackageBuild.getUpload-related methods work with Snap builds.
Class TestVerifySuccessfulBuildForSnapBuild IBuildFarmJobBehaviour.verifySuccessfulBuild works.
Class TestHandleStatusForSnapBuild IPackageBuild.handleStatus works with Snap builds.
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