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Snap package interfaces.
Class SnapBuildAlreadyPending A build was requested when an identical build was already pending.
Class SnapBuildArchiveOwnerMismatch Builds against private archives require that owners match.
Class SnapBuildDisallowedArchitecture A build was requested for a disallowed architecture.
Class SnapPrivateFeatureDisabled Only certain users can create private snap objects.
Class DuplicateSnapName Raised for snap packages with duplicate name/owner.
Class SnapNotOwner The registrant/requester is not the owner or a member of its team.
Class NoSuchSnap The requested snap package does not exist.
Class NoSourceForSnap Snap packages must have a source (Bazaar or Git branch).
Class BadSnapSource The elements of the source for a snap package are inconsistent.
Class SnapPrivacyMismatch Snap package privacy does not match its content.
Class BadSnapSearchContext The context is not valid for a snap package search.
Class CannotModifySnapProcessor Tried to enable or disable a restricted processor on an snap package.
Class CannotAuthorizeStoreUploads Cannot authorize uploads of a snap package to the store.
Class SnapAuthorizationBadMacaroon The macaroon generated to authorize store uploads is unusable.
Class CannotRequestAutoBuilds Snap package is not configured for automatic builds.
Class MissingSnapcraftYaml The repository for this snap package does not have a snapcraft.yaml.
Class CannotFetchSnapcraftYaml Launchpad cannot fetch this snap package's snapcraft.yaml.
Class CannotParseSnapcraftYaml Launchpad cannot parse this snap package's snapcraft.yaml.
Class SnapBuildRequestStatus The status of a request to build a snap package.
Interface ISnapView ISnap attributes that require launchpad.View permission.
Interface ISnapEdit ISnap methods that require launchpad.Edit permission.
Interface ISnapEditableAttributes ISnap attributes that can be edited.
Interface ISnapAdminAttributes ISnap attributes that can be edited by admins.
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