l.s.w.vocabulary : module documentation

Part of lp.services.webapp

Vocabularies pulling stuff from the database.

You probably don't want to use these classes directly - see the docstring in __init__.py for details.

Class ForgivingSimpleVocabulary A vocabulary that returns a default term for unrecognized values.
Class VocabularyFilter A VocabularyFilter is used to filter the results of searchForTerms()
Interface IHugeVocabulary Interface for huge vocabularies.
Interface ICountableIterator An iterator that knows how many items it has.
Class CountableIterator Implements a wrapping iterator with a count() method.
Class BatchedCountableIterator A wrapping iterator with hook to create descriptions for its terms.
Class VocabularyFilterAll Undocumented
Class FilteredVocabularyBase A mixin to provide base filtering support.
Class SQLObjectVocabularyBase A base class for widgets that are rendered to collect values
Class NamedSQLObjectVocabulary A SQLObjectVocabulary base for database tables that have a unique
Class NamedSQLObjectHugeVocabulary A NamedSQLObjectVocabulary that implements IHugeVocabulary.
Class StormVocabularyBase A base class for widgets that are rendered to collect values
Class NamedStormVocabulary A Storm vocabulary for tables with a unique Unicode name column.
Class NamedStormHugeVocabulary A NamedStormVocabulary that implements IHugeVocabulary.
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