l.s.w.notifications : module documentation

Part of lp.services.webapp

Browser notification messages

Provides an API for displaying arbitrary notifications to users after an action has been performed, independant of what page the user ends up on after the action is done.

Note that the current implementation is deliberately broken - the only way to do this correctly is by passing a token in the URL to identify the browser window the request came from.

Class NotificationRequest NotificationRequest extracts notifications to display to the user
Class NotificationResponse The NotificationResponse collects notifications to propogate to the
Class NotificationList Collection of INotification instances with a creation date
Class Notification Undocumented
Class NotificationTestView1 Display some notifications.
Class NotificationTestView2 Redirect to another page, propogating some notification messages.
Class NotificationTestView3 Redirect, propagating some notification messages, to another page
Class NotificationTestView4 Redirect twice, propagating some notification messages each time,
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