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Interface IMessageSet Set of IMessage
Interface IIndexedMessage An IMessage decorated with its index and context.
Class IndexedMessage Adds the inside and index attributes to an IMessage.
Interface IMessageChunk Undocumented
Class QuotaReachedError The user-to-user contact email quota has been reached for today.
Interface IUserToUserEmail User to user direct email communications.
Interface IDirectEmailAuthorization Can a Launchpad user contact another Launchpad user?
Class UnknownSender Raised if we cannot lookup an email message's sender in the database
Class MissingSubject Raised if we get an email message with no Subject: header
Class DuplicateMessageId Raised if we attempt to store a new email with an existing Message-Id
Class InvalidEmailMessage Raised if the email message is too broken for us to deal with.
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