l.s.m.tests : package documentation

Part of lp.services.mail

No package docstring
Module helpers Functions to accomodate testing of the email system.
Module test_basemailer Tests for the BaseMailer class.
Module test_commands Undocumented
Module test_dkim Test DKIM-signed messages
Module test_doc Test mail documentation.
Module test_handlers No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_helpers No module docstring; 4/5 classes, 0/1 functions documented
Module test_incoming Undocumented
Module test_mailbox Tests for mail boxes.
Module test_mbox_mailer Test harness for running the mbox_mailer.txt tests.
Module test_notificationrecipients Undocumented
Module test_sendmail Undocumented
Module test_signedmessage Test the SignedMessage class.
Module test_stub No module docstring; 1/2 functions documented
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