l.s.f.scopes : module documentation

Part of lp.services.features

Connect feature flags into scopes where they can be used.

The most common is flags scoped by some attribute of a web request, such as the page ID or the server name. But other types of scope can also match code run from cron scripts and potentially also other places.

Class BaseScope A base class for scope handlers.
Class DefaultScope The default scope. Always active.
Class PageScope The current page ID.
Class ScopeWithPerson An abstract base scope that matches on the current user of the request.
Class TeamScope A user's team memberships.
Class UserSliceScope Selects a slice of all users based on their id.
Class ServerScope Matches the current server.
Class ScriptScope Matches the name of the currently running script.
Class FixedScope A scope that matches an exact value.
Class MultiScopeHandler A scope handler that combines multiple `BaseScope`s.
Class ScopesFromRequest Identify feature scopes based on request state.
Class ScopesForScript Identify feature scopes for a given script.
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