l.s.EditCodeImportJobWorkflow(OnlyVcsImportsAndAdmins) : class documentation

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Control who can use the CodeImportJobWorkflow utility.

Currently, we restrict the visibility of the new code import system to members of ~vcs-imports and Launchpad admins.

Inherited from OnlyVcsImportsAndAdmins:

Method checkAuthenticated Return True if the given person has the given permission.

Inherited from AuthorizationBase (via OnlyVcsImportsAndAdmins):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method checkUnauthenticated See IAuthorization.checkUnauthenticated.
Method checkPermissionIsRegistered Pass through to checkPermission.
Method forwardCheckAuthenticated Forward request to another security adapter.
Method forwardCheckUnauthenticated Forward request to another security adapter.
Method _checkAndFetchNext Undocumented
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