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Soyuz involves huge chunks of data in the archive and librarian, so for the moment we are locking down admin and edit on distributions and distroseriess to the Launchpad admin team.

NB: Please consult with SABDFL before modifying this permission because
changing it could cause the archive to get rearranged, with tons of files moved to the new namespace, and mirrors would get very very upset. Then James T would be on your case.

Inherited from AdminByAdminsTeam:

Method checkAuthenticated Return True if the given person has the given permission.

Inherited from AuthorizationBase (via AdminByAdminsTeam):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method checkUnauthenticated See IAuthorization.checkUnauthenticated.
Method checkPermissionIsRegistered Pass through to checkPermission.
Method forwardCheckAuthenticated Forward request to another security adapter.
Method forwardCheckUnauthenticated Forward request to another security adapter.
Method _checkAndFetchNext Undocumented
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