l.h.i.webservice : module documentation

Part of lp.hardwaredb.interfaces

All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.

There is a declaration in ZCML somewhere that looks like:
<webservice:register module="lp.hardwaredb.interfaces.hwdb" />

which tells lazr.restful that it should look for webservice exports here.

Interface IHWDBApplication Hardware database application application root.
Interface IHWDevice Core information to identify a device.
Interface IHWDeviceClass The capabilities of a device.
Interface IHWDriver Information about a device driver.
Interface IHWDriverName A driver name as appearing in IHWDriver.
Interface IHWDriverPackageName A driver name as appearing in IHWDriver.
Interface IHWSubmission Raw submission data for the hardware database.
Interface IHWSubmissionDevice Link a submission to a IHWDeviceDriver row.
Interface IHWVendorID A list of vendor IDs for different busses associated with vendor names.
Class IllegalQuery Exception raised when trying to run an illegal submissions query.
Class ParameterError Exception raised when a method parameter does not match a constrint.
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