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Part of lp.code

Errors used in the lp/code modules.
Class BadBranchMergeProposalSearchContext The context is not valid for a branch merge proposal search.
Class BadStateTransition The user requested a state transition that is not possible.
Class BranchCreationException Base class for branch creation exceptions.
Class BranchHasPendingWrites Raised if the branch can't be processed because a write is pending.
Class BranchTargetError Raised when there is an error determining a branch target.
Class CannotDeleteBranch The branch cannot be deleted at this time.
Class BranchCreationForbidden A Branch visibility policy forbids branch creation.
Class BranchTypeError An operation cannot be performed for a particular branch type.
Class InvalidBranchException Base exception for an error resolving a branch for a component.
Class CannotHaveLinkedBranch Raised when we try to get the linked branch for a thing that can't.
Class CannotUpgradeBranch "Made for subclassing.
Class AlreadyLatestFormat Raised on attempt to upgrade a branch already in the latest format.
Class CannotUpgradeNonHosted Raised on attempt to upgrade a non-Hosted branch.
Class UpgradePending Raised on attempt to upgrade a branch already in the latest format.
Class ClaimReviewFailed The user cannot claim the pending review.
Class InvalidBranchMergeProposal Raised during the creation of a new branch merge proposal.
Class InvalidNamespace Raised when someone tries to lookup a namespace with a bad name.
Class NoLinkedBranch Raised when there's no linked branch for a thing.
Class NoSuchBranch Raised when we try to load a branch that does not exist.
Class StaleLastMirrored Raised when last_mirrored_id is out of date with on-disk value.
Class PrivateBranchRecipe Undocumented
Class PrivateGitRepositoryRecipe Undocumented
Class ReviewNotPending The requested review is not in a pending state.
Class UpdatePreviewDiffNotReady Raised if the preview diff is not ready to run.
Class UserHasExistingReview The user has an existing review.
Class UserNotBranchReviewer The user who attempted to review the merge proposal isn't a reviewer.
Class WrongBranchMergeProposal The comment requested is not associated with this merge proposal.
Class UnknownBranchTypeError Raised when the user specifies an unrecognized branch type.
Class BranchHostingFault Raised when there is a fault fetching information about a branch.
Class BranchFileNotFound Raised when a file does not exist in a branch.
Class GitRepositoryCreationException Base class for Git repository creation exceptions.
Class GitRepositoryExists Raised when creating a Git repository that already exists.
Class CannotDeleteGitRepository The Git repository cannot be deleted at this time.
Class GitRepositoryCreationForbidden A visibility policy forbids Git repository creation.
Class GitRepositoryCreatorNotMemberOfOwnerTeam Git repository creator is not a member of the owner team.
Class GitRepositoryCreatorNotOwner A user cannot create a Git repository belonging to another user.
Class GitRepositoryCreationFault Raised when there is a hosting fault creating a Git repository.
Class GitRepositoryScanFault Raised when there is a fault scanning a repository.
Class GitRepositoryBlobNotFound Raised when a blob does not exist in a repository.
Class GitRepositoryBlobUnsupportedRemote Raised when trying to fetch a blob from an unsupported remote host.
Class GitRepositoryDeletionFault Raised when there is a fault deleting a repository.
Class GitTargetError Raised when there is an error determining a Git repository target.
Class NoSuchGitRepository Raised when we try to load a Git repository that does not exist.
Class NoSuchGitReference Raised when we try to look up a Git reference that does not exist.
Class GitDefaultConflict Raised when trying to set a Git repository as the default for
Class CannotModifyNonHostedGitRepository Raised when trying to modify a non-hosted Git repository.
Class CodeImportAlreadyRequested Raised when the user requests an import that is already requested.
Class CodeImportInvalidTargetType Raised for code imports with an invalid target for their type.
Class TooNewRecipeFormat The format of the recipe supplied was too new.
Class RecipeBuildException Undocumented
Class BuildNotAllowedForDistro A build was requested against an unsupported distroseries.
Class DiffNotFound A IPreviewDiff with the timestamp was not found.
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