l.b.b.builder : module documentation

Part of lp.buildmaster.browser

Browser views for builders.
Class BuilderSetNavigation Navigation methods for IBuilderSet.
Class BuilderSetBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an IBuilderSet.
Class BuilderNavigation Navigation methods for IBuilder.
Class BuilderSetOverviewMenu Overview Menu for IBuilderSet.
Class BuilderOverviewMenu Overview Menu for IBuilder.
Class BuilderSetView Default BuilderSet view class.
Class BuilderClump A "clump" of builders with the same virtualization and processors.
Class BuilderGroup A group of builders for the processor.
Class BuilderCategory A category of builders.
Class BuilderView Default Builder view class
Class BuilderHistoryView This class exists only to override the page_title.
Class BuilderSetAddView View class for adding new Builders.
Class BuilderEditView View class for changing builder details.
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