l.b.t.test_bugwatch : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.tests

Tests for BugWatchSet.
Class ExtractBugTrackerAndBugTest Test BugWatchSet.extractBugTrackerAndBug.
Class SFExtractBugTrackerAndBugTest Ensure BugWatchSet.extractBugTrackerAndBug works with SF URLs.
Class EmailAddressExtractBugTrackerAndBugTest Ensure BugWatchSet.extractBugTrackerAndBug works with email addresses.
Class TestBugWatch Undocumented
Class TestBugWatchSet Tests for the bugwatch updating system.
Class TestBugWatchSetBulkOperations Tests for the bugwatch updating system.
Class TestBugWatchBugTasks Undocumented
Class TestBugWatchActivityPruner TestCase for the BugWatchActivityPruner.
Class TestBugWatchResetting No class docstring; 1/5 methods documented
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