l.b.s.t.test_bugimport : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.scripts.tests

No module docstring
Class UtilsTestCase Tests for the various utility functions used by the importer.
Class GetPersonTestCase Tests for the BugImporter.getPerson() method.
Class GetMilestoneTestCase Tests for the BugImporter.getMilestone() method.
Class ImportBugTestCase Test importing of a bug from XML
Class BugImportCacheTestCase Test of bug mapping cache load/save routines.
Class BugImportScriptTestCase Test that the driver script can be called, and does its job.
Class FakeResultSet Undocumented
Class TestBugWatch A mock bug watch object for testing ExternalBugTracker.updateWatches.
Class TestResultSequence A mock SelectResults object.
Class TestBugTracker A mock BugTracker object.
Class TestExternalBugTracker A mock ExternalBugTracker object.
Class TestRemoteBugUpdater No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class TestCheckwatchesMaster A mock CheckwatchesMaster object.
Class CheckwatchesErrorRecoveryTestCase Test that errors in the bugwatch import process don't
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