l.b.m.t.test_bugtask : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.model.tests

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Class TestBugTaskAdaptation Verify bugtask adaptation.
Class TestBugTaskCreation Test BugTaskSet creation methods.
Class TestBugTaskCreationPackageComponent IBugTask contains a convenience method to look up archive component
Class TestBugTaskTargets Verify we handle various bugtask targets correctly
Class TestBugTaskTargetName Verify our targetdisplayname and targetname are correct.
Class TestEditingBugTask Verify out editing functionality of bugtasks.
Class TestBugTaskTags List of bugtasks often need to display related tasks.
Class TestBugTaskBadges Verify getBugTaskBadgeProperties
Class TestBugTaskPrivacy Verify that the bug is either private or public.
Class TestBugTaskDelta Undocumented
Class TestSimilarBugs It's possible to get a list of similar bugs.
Class TestBugTaskPermissionsToSetAssigneeMixin No class docstring; 5/15 methods documented
Class TestProductBugTaskPermissionsToSetAssignee No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestProductNoBugSupervisorBugTaskPermissionsToSetAssignee No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestDistributionBugTaskPermissionsToSetAssignee No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestDistributionNoBugSupervisorBugTaskPermissionsToSetAssignee No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class BugTaskSearchBugsElsewhereTest Tests for searching bugs filtering on related bug tasks.
Class BugTaskSetFindExpirableBugTasksTest Test BugTaskSet.findExpirableBugTasks() behaviour.
Class TestBugTaskStatuses No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestBugTaskContributor Undocumented
Class TestBugTaskDeletion Test the different cases that makes a bugtask deletable or not.
Class TestStatusCountsForProductSeries Test BugTaskSet.getStatusCountsForProductSeries().
Class TestBugTaskMilestones Tests that appropriate milestones are returned for bugtasks.
Class TestConjoinedBugTasks Tests for conjoined bug task functionality.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasksFlagForProduct Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasksFlagForProductSeries Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasksFlagForDistribution Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasksFlagForDistributionSeries Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasksFlagForDistributionSourcePackage Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasksTransitionToTarget Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestAutoConfirmBugTasks Tests for auto-confirming bug tasks.
Class TestValidateTransitionToTarget Tests for BugTask.validateTransitionToTarget.
Class TestTransitionToTarget Tests for BugTask.transitionToTarget.
Class TransitionToMilestoneTestCase Tests for BugTask.transitionToMilestone.
Class TestTransitionsRemovesSubscribersJob Test that various bug transitions invoke RemoveArtifactSubscribers
Class TestBugTargetKeys Tests for bug_target_to_key and bug_target_from_key.
Class ValidateTargetMixin A mixin used to test validate_target and validate_new_target when used
Class TestValidateTarget Undocumented
Class TestValidateNewTarget Undocumented
Class TestWebservice Tests for the webservice.
Class TestBugTaskUserHasBugSupervisorPrivileges Undocumented
Class TestBugTaskUserHasBugSupervisorPrivilegesContext Undocumented
Class TestTargetNameCache BugTask table has a stored computed attribute.
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