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Class BugEmailCommand Creates new bug, or returns an existing one.
Class PrivateEmailCommand Marks a bug public or private.
Class SecurityEmailCommand Marks a bug as security related.
Class SubscribeEmailCommand Subscribes someone to the bug.
Class UnsubscribeEmailCommand Unsubscribes someone from the bug.
Class SummaryEmailCommand Changes the title of the bug.
Class DuplicateEmailCommand Marks a bug as a duplicate of another bug.
Class CVEEmailCommand Links a CVE to a bug.
Class AffectsEmailCommand Either creates a new task, or edits an existing task.
Class AssigneeEmailCommand Assigns someone to the bug.
Class MilestoneEmailCommand Sets the milestone for the bugtask.
Class DBSchemaEditEmailCommand Helper class for edit DBSchema attributes.
Class InformationTypeEmailCommand Change the information type of a bug.
Class StatusEmailCommand Changes a bug task's status.
Class ImportanceEmailCommand Changes a bug task's importance.
Class ReplacedByImportanceCommand This command has been replaced by the 'importance' command.
Class TagEmailCommand Assigns a tag to or removes a tag from bug.
Class BugEmailCommands A collection of email commands.
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