l.b.enums : module documentation

Part of lp.blueprints

Enumerations used in the lp/blueprints modules.
Class SpecificationImplementationStatus The Specification Delivery Status
Class SpecificationLifecycleStatus The current "lifecycle" status of a specification.
Class SpecificationPriority The Priority with a Specification must be implemented.
Class SpecificationFilter The kinds of specifications that a listing should include.
Class SpecificationSort The scheme to sort the results of a specifications query.
Class SpecificationDefinitionStatus The current status of a Specification.
Class NewSpecificationDefinitionStatus The Initial status of a Specification.
Class SpecificationGoalStatus The target status for this specification.
Class SprintSpecificationStatus The current approval status of the spec on this sprint's agenda.
Class SpecificationWorkItemStatus Undocumented
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