l.b.b.sprint : module documentation

Part of lp.blueprints.browser

Sprint views.
Class SprintFacets The links that will appear in the facet menu for an ISprint.
Class SprintNavigation Undocumented
Class SprintBreadcrumb Undocumented
Class SprintOverviewMenu Defines a menu used for the global actions.
Class SprintSpecificationsMenu Undocumented
Class SprintSetNavigation Undocumented
Class SprintSetBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an ISprintSet.
Class HasSprintsView Undocumented
Class SprintView No class docstring; 6/11 methods documented
Class SprintAddView Form for creating sprints
Class SprintBrandingView Undocumented
Class SprintEditView Form for editing sprints
Class SprintDeleteView Form for deleting sprints.
Class SprintTopicSetView Custom view class to process the results of this unusual page.
Class SprintMeetingExportView View to provide information used the sprint meeting XML export view.
Class SprintSetNavigationMenu Action menu for sprints index.
Class SprintSetView View for the /sprints top level collection page.
Class SprintAttendeesCsvExportView View for exporting the attendees for a sprint as CSV.
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