l.a.t.test_dscfile : module documentation

Part of lp.archiveuploader.tests

Test dscfile.py
Class TestDscFile No class docstring; 5/6 methods documented
Class FakeChangesFile Undocumented
Class TestDSCFileWithDatabase No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TestSignableTagFile Test SignableTagFile, a helper mixin.
Class TestDscFileLibrarian Tests for DscFile that may use the Librarian.
Class BaseTestSourceFileVerification No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class Test10SourceFormatVerification Undocumented
Class Test30QuiltSourceFormatVerification Undocumented
Class Test30NativeSourceFormatVerification Undocumented
Class UnpackedDirTests Tests for unpack_source and cleanup_unpacked_dir.
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