l.a.customupload : module documentation

Part of lp.archivepublisher

Infrastructure for handling custom uploads.

Custom uploads are uploaded to Soyuz as special tarballs that must be extracted to a particular location in the archive. This module contains code common to the different custom upload types.

Custom uploads include Debian installer packages, dist upgraders and DDTP (Debian Description Translation Project) tarballs.

Class CustomUploadTarballTarError The tarfile module raised an exception.
Class CustomUploadTarballInvalidTarfile The supplied tarfile did not contain the expected elements.
Class CustomUploadBadUmask The environment's umask was incorrect.
Class CustomUploadTarballInvalidFileType A file of type other than regular or symlink was found.
Class CustomUploadTarballBadSymLink A symlink was found whose target points outside the immediate tree.
Class CustomUploadTarballBadFile A file was found which resolves outside the immediate tree.
Class CustomUploadAlreadyExists A build for this type, architecture, and version already exists.
Class CustomUpload Base class for custom upload handlers
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