l.a.validators : package documentation

Part of lp.app

Standard validators.

validators in here should be dead simple, as they are mirrored inside PostgreSQL as stored procedures.

See README.txt for discussion

Module attachment Validators for attachments.
Module cve No module docstring; 1/1 functions documented
Module email EmailAdress validator
Module name Validators for the .name attribute (defined in various schemas.)
Package tests Module docstring goes here.
Module url No module docstring; 5/5 functions documented
Module username Validators for the clean-username (Person.name) attribute.
Module validation No module docstring; 5/8 functions documented
Module version No module docstring; 2/2 functions documented

From the __init__.py module:

Class ILaunchpadValidationError No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Interface ILaunchpadWidgetInputErrorView No interface docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Interface LaunchpadValidationError A LaunchpadValidationError may be raised from a schema field
Class WidgetInputErrorView Display an input error as a snippet of text.
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