l.a.errors : module documentation

Part of lp.app

Cross application type errors for launchpad.
Class TranslationUnavailable Translation objects are unavailable.
Class NotFoundError Launchpad object not found.
Class GoneError Launchpad object is gone.
Class NameLookupFailed Raised when a lookup by name fails.
Class UnexpectedFormData Got form data that is not what is expected by a form handler.
Class POSTToNonCanonicalURL Got a POST to an incorrect URL.
Class UserCannotUnsubscribePerson User does not have permission to unsubscribe person or team.
Class SubscriptionPrivacyViolation The subscription would violate privacy policies.
Class ServiceUsageForbidden The specified ServiceUsage is not allowed.
Class IncompatibleArguments Raised when incompatible arguments are passed to a method.
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