l.a.b.t.test_launchpadform : module documentation

Part of lp.app.browser.tests

Tests for the lp.app.browser.launchpadform module.
Interface TestInterface Test interface for the view below.
Class TestView A trivial view using the TestInterface.
Class TestHasStructuredDoc Undocumented
Class TestQueryTalesForHasStructuredDoc Undocumented
Interface TestHelpLinksInterface Test interface for the view below.
Class TestHelpLinksView A trivial view that contains help links.
Class TestHelpLinks Undocumented
Interface TestWidgetDivInterface Test interface for the view below.
Class TestWidgetDivView A trivial view using TestWidgetDivInterface.
Class TestWidgetDiv Tests for the widget_div template macro.
Class TestFormView A trivial view with an action and a validator which sets errors.
Class TestAjaxValidator Undocumented
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