l.a.b.root : module documentation

Part of lp.app.browser

Browser code for the Launchpad root page.
Class LaunchpadRootIndexView An view for the default view of the LaunchpadRoot.
Class LaunchpadSearchFormView A view to display the global search form in any page.
Class LaunchpadPrimarySearchFormView A view to display the global search form in the page.
Interface ILaunchpadSearch The Schema for performing searches across all Launchpad.
Class LaunchpadSearchView A view to search for Launchpad pages and objects.
Class WindowedList A list that contains a subset of items (a window) of a virtual list.
Class WindowedListBatch A batch class that does not include None objects when iterating.
Class SiteSearchBatchNavigator A batch navigator with a fixed size of 20 items per batch.
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