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Version 5 serializer

Packs objects into XML and vice versa.

Method _unpack_inventory Construct from XML Element
Method _check_revisions Extension point for subclasses to check during serialisation.
Method _append_inventory_root Append the inventory root to output.

Inherited from Serializer_v8 (via Serializer_v6):

Method write_inventory_to_lines Return a list of lines with the encoded inventory.
Method write_inventory_to_string Just call write_inventory with a StringIO and return the value.
Method write_inventory Write inventory to a file.
Method _check_cache_size Check that the entry_cache is large enough.
Method _pack_revision Revision object -> xml tree
Method _pack_revision_properties Undocumented
Method _unpack_entry Undocumented
Method _unpack_revision XML Element -> Revision object
Method _unpack_revision_properties Unpack properties onto a revision.
Method _find_text_key_references Core routine for extracting references to texts from inventories.

Inherited from XMLSerializer (via Serializer_v6, Serializer_v8):

Method read_inventory_from_string Read xml_string into an inventory object.
Method read_inventory See read_inventory_from_string.
Method write_revision Undocumented
Method write_revision_to_string Undocumented
Method read_revision Undocumented
Method read_revision_from_string Undocumented
Method _write_element Undocumented
Method _read_element Undocumented
def _unpack_inventory(self, elt, revision_id, entry_cache=None, return_from_cache=False):
Construct from XML Element
def _check_revisions(self, inv):
Extension point for subclasses to check during serialisation.

In this version, no checking is done.

ParametersinvAn inventory about to be serialised, to be checked.
RaisesAssertionError if an error has occurred.
def _append_inventory_root(self, append, inv):
Append the inventory root to output.
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