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A WeaveFile represents a Weave on disk and writes on change.
Method __init__ Create a WeaveFile.
Method copy_to See VersionedFile.copy_to().
Static Method get_suffixes See VersionedFile.get_suffixes().
Method insert_record_stream Insert a record stream into this versioned file.
Method _add_lines Add a version and save the weave.
Method _save Save the weave.

Inherited from Weave:

Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method copy Return a deep copy of self.
Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method __ne__ Undocumented
Method versions See VersionedFile.versions.
Method has_version See VersionedFile.has_version.
Method get_record_stream Get a stream of records for versions.
Method get_parent_map See VersionedFile.get_parent_map.
Method get_parents_with_ghosts Return version names for parents of version_id.
Method get_ancestry See VersionedFile.get_ancestry.
Method annotate Return a list of (version-id, line) tuples for version_id.
Method iter_lines_added_or_present_in_versions See VersionedFile.iter_lines_added_or_present_in_versions().
Method plan_merge Return pseudo-annotation indicating how the two versions merge.
Method get_lines See VersionedFile.get_lines().
Method get_sha1s See VersionedFile.get_sha1s().
Method num_versions How many versions are in this weave?
Method check Check the versioned file for integrity.
Method _check_write_ok Is the versioned file marked as 'finished' ? Raise if it is.
Method _idx_to_name Undocumented
Method _lookup Convert symbolic version name to index.
Method _check_repeated_add Check that a duplicated add is OK.
Method _add Add a single text on top of the weave.
Method _inclusions Return set of all ancestors of given version(s).
Method _check_lines Undocumented
Method _check_versions Check everything in the sequence of indexes is valid
Method _compatible_parents During join check that other_parents are joinable with my_parents.
Method _walk_internal Helper method for weave actions.
Method _extract Yield annotation of lines in included set.
Method _maybe_lookup Convert possible symbolic name to index, or pass through indexes.
Method _imported_parents Return list of parents in self corresponding to indexes in other.
Method _check_version_consistent Check if a version in consistent in this and other.
Method _reweave Reweave self with other - internal helper for join().
Method _copy_weave_content adsorb the content from otherweave.

Inherited from VersionedFile (via Weave):

Static Method check_not_reserved_id Undocumented
Method add_lines Add a single text on top of the versioned file.
Method add_lines_with_ghosts Add lines to the versioned file, allowing ghosts to be present.
Method get_format_signature Get a text description of the data encoding in this file.
Method make_mpdiffs Create multiparent diffs for specified versions.
Method add_mpdiffs Add mpdiffs to this VersionedFile.
Method get_text Return version contents as a text string.
Method get_texts Return the texts of listed versions as a list of strings.
Method get_ancestry_with_ghosts Return a list of all ancestors of given version(s). This
Method weave_merge Undocumented
Method _add_lines_with_ghosts Helper to do class specific add_lines_with_ghosts.
Method _check_lines_not_unicode Check that lines being added to a versioned file are not unicode.
Method _check_lines_are_lines Check that the lines really are full lines without inline EOL.
Method _extract_blocks Undocumented
Method _get_lf_split_line_list Undocumented
def __init__(self, name, transport, filemode=None, create=False, access_mode='w', get_scope=None):
Create a WeaveFile.
ParameterscreateIf not True, only open an existing knit.
def _add_lines(self, version_id, parents, lines, parent_texts, left_matching_blocks, nostore_sha, random_id, check_content):
Add a version and save the weave.
def copy_to(self, name, transport):
See VersionedFile.copy_to().
def _save(self):
Save the weave.
def get_suffixes():
See VersionedFile.get_suffixes().
def insert_record_stream(self, stream):
Insert a record stream into this versioned file.
ParametersstreamA stream of records to insert.
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